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Articles from the Pastor

Dr. D.W. Cummings regularly contributes articles of his writings to local newspapers in the Ohio Valley. Here you can find an archive of his work:

The Father of "Mother's Day" (5.8.24)
Try a Little Kindness (4.17.24)
Bridges Connect Us (3.27.24)
Martin Luther King, Jr. (1.17.24)
Prince of a Baby (12.20.23)
Did you see the story? Happy Thanksgiving! (11.15.2023)
Run Back to Prayer (10.11.2023)
God Help Our Minds (9.14.2023)
Not just back, but better! (8.23.2023)
Play Ball! (7.12.2023)
I am still your Father (6.14.2023)
Mother's are Powerful (5.10.2023)
Easter Article (4.5.2023)
Be a Beacon of Light and Hope For Today's Youth (3.19.2023)
Plenty to Celebrate as We Mark Black History Month (2.26.2023)
Dr. Martin Luther King (1.15.2023)
Christmas Baby (12.21.21)
Thankfulness (11.22.21)
Challenge Darkness (10.14.21)
20th Anniversary of 9/11 (09.15.21)
Perseverance (08.11.21)
The Greatest Love Story (07.07.21)
Celebrating Mother's Day (5.06.21)
Happy Easter! (3.31.21)
The Message of Spring, Passover and Easter Season (3.18.21)
Make A Positive Difference in the World! (2.17.21)
Have a Merry Christmas! (12.16.20)
The Great Calling of Being a Mother (5.7.20)
Easter... A New Symbol of Victory!! (4.9.20)
The Importance of Incentive in the Face of Challenges (3.12.20)
Let us Turn on ALL the Lights!! (2.12.20)
We Live on Hope! (1.15.20)
A Story of Relationship and Redemption (12.22.19)
Reflecting on the Spirit of Thanksgiving! (11.14.19)
It's Never too Late to Chase Your Dreams! (10.17.19)
Making Good Decisions and Avoiding Bad Reactions (9.11.19)
Know How to Detect the Counterfeit! (8.22.19)
Encouraging us to Look Towards the Bible for What is Morally Right (7.17.19)
Honoring the role of fathers on Father's Day! (6.13.19)
Encouraging us to cast out Fear with Love this Easter!! (4.18.19)
Exhorting the Encouragement of our Young People! (3.14.19)
Honoring Black History Month (2.14.19)
Honoring the Memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1.19.19)
Showing us the True Meaning of Christmas Giving (12.19.18)
Reminding us to be Thankful for Small Acts of Kindness and be Generous in Giving Kindness (11.14.18)
Sharing Some Tips on to Cope and Deal with Stress (9.13.18)
Sharing how Stress makes you Mentally and Physically Ill! (8.16.18)
Sharing the difference between Love and Infatuation through a look at History! (7.19.18)
Reminding us of the Importance of a Father's Role! (6.14.18)
Reflecting on the great need and responsibilities of Mothers! (5.10.18)
Showing us the meaning of Unconditional Love and how to share it! (4.11.18)
Sharing the story behind the Bermuda Easter Lily which symbolizes the Resurrection! (3.15.18)
About his Black History moment! (2.15.18)
The Spirit of Christmas